Add Matt Moore to the Silly List

Thanks to rreducla1 who is acting as a wonderful field scout for NBA blogfoolery.

Matt Moore from Hardwood Paroxysm threw out this silly answer in an ESPN 5-on-5:

How should Lakers fans feel about Kobe playing overseas?

Matt Moore, Hardwood Paroxysm: Like he’s given them five championships and has never really paid much mind to what anyone thought was best but himself. Hey, maybe he’ll meet someone over there to convince him he doesn’t need to go one-on-five.

Of course, as always, any joker is entitled to his opinion about anything. Personally I feel like the Rolling Stones are overrated. But I wouldn’t posture at any kind of objective, new-world stats-y look at the issue. It’s just a personal bias that has no real basis in anything. And I love that song “Hey You Get Off My Cloud” which I think is when the Stones covered Method Man or something.

I guess what I don’t understand is: what’s the point of these 10th-generation NBA writers if they claim to be newthink but they’re actually Skip Baylesses in disguise? If you just want to cherrypick to jump off into a 1500-word rant that sums up as “KOBES A BALLHOG LOL” then admit to it.

Or at least have the wherewithal to realize when you are contradicting yourself in a two-sentence blurb on an ESPN fluff-cuz-nothing-else-is-happening lockout piece. If Kobe was convinced he needed to go one-on-five (not true, but whatever), and it gave Los Angeles five championships, how or why or who or what would convince him that he didn’t need to do the thing that he doesn’t actually do as often as silly NBA bloggers write that he does?

And another bit of intellectually dishonest writing is Moore’s post on PBT about Kobe winning a game of Knockout against his basketball campers. This is the worst form of NBA newthink shadiness. The gist is Moore wants to criticize Kobe for taking the game too seriously and trying to win even when he doesn’t have to. And yet Moore is unwilling to own up to this criticism, and hedges through the following equivocations:

  • Labeling the post as a “standard blahblahblah post”. This creates a bit of intellectual distance, the writer is simply filing what is required of him given the context, he’s not really committed to the opinion. It’s like saying, “Look, don’t take this personally, but…”
  • Describing what Kobe did in the game with the kids as “tearing them apart”. It’s really more that Kobe continued to make jumpers casually until he didn’t, and then he hustled for a rebound and made a layup. If you watch the video it’s clear he wasn’t in full lower-jaw stuck out mode.
  • Using the phrase “instead of glorifying this obsession with winning at all costs or making it seem like a bad thing” and then doing exactly that.
  • Taking the end of his post to a middling position, giving the appearance that Moore holds a sophisticated, nuanced position about the video, aware of the context and how Kobe represents to the kids at his camp, despite the fact that the headline for the post is “Kobe Bryant has the will to win… against children,” unless Moore is taking an extremely fine-grained position that the “standard blahblahblah post” about Kobe is one that has a sensational, snarky headline and body copy that gets progressively neutral.
It makes wonder what the point of the TrueHoop network is. What’s the central occupational need that a TH writer fills?

One thought on “Add Matt Moore to the Silly List

  1. Nice.

    The sad thing is, with Moore and Abbott, you don’t have to “scout.” They just trash Kobe on any pretext, any topic, for any reason. Moore’s post on Kobe’s basketball camp at PBT, which I linked in the previous entry , was even worse, and drew a lot of ire.

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